CORSO is the latest addition to the Super Brasil Company product line and it includes a full range of espresso such as pods, capsules and roasted beans.

Derived from the finest quality coffee beans and prepared by experts with over 45 years of experience in the industry, CORSO is the modern day coffee that oozes finesse, delight and sophistication.

Its uniquely delicious taste is crafted by our master blender from the richest coffee beans, harvested from premium soils.


Corso is as much about coffee as it is about the people who drink it, the people who lead the kind of lives that others aspire to have. They are people who exude positive vibes, mixed with joie-de-vivre and this indescribable nonchalance.

Corso is a confident brand. It's assertive. It's a brand with a statement for people with a statement. Corso is an enabler since it's all about expressing oneself.

Corso System

Our CORSO machines are exclusively made for CORSO capsules. Designed to create the perfect espresso experience every time, they are equipped with a state-of-the-art extraction system that can produce a pressure of up to 19 bars.

Our machines also have built-in parameters that are set with an unprecedented level of precision. Better yet, they have been developed not only to be compatible with other CORSO products but also to ultimately maximize your overall CORSO experience. By fully extracting the various notes and aromas encapsulated in each portion and creating a full-bodied, smooth and exceptionally creamy cup of coffee, you’ll find that your CORSO machine will quickly become an everyday essential.
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