The machines we have for commercial use operate with beans and pods and are specially produced in Italy to ensure your business and your clients get the best cup of coffee, by Italian standards.

Once you decide to adopt the CORSO lifestyle, our sales representatives will be there to make sure your transition is a swift and easy one. You can rest assured knowing that our machine and product experts will help you through your decision by suggesting the best machine, products and other combinations for your business.

Then, once you finalize your purchase, our aftersales representatives will follow-up by sending you a team to install your machine and calibrate it with the utmost precision so that it produces the same desired results… every time.

Later on, if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your product, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily schedule on-site maintenance visits. By doing so, our maintenance team will pass by you periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly. Should you ever have a problem with your machine, we will also make sure to provide you with a temporary replacement while we work on getting yours back to you, as good as new.


Discover more about each distinguished CORSO capsule


There’s no doubt that we all have our own routine when it comes to preparing the perfect cup of coffee. When preparing your cup of CORSO espresso, it’s important to note that to make the ultimate full-favored shot of espresso, you will need to account for these three things:

1) A good espresso grinder
2) A premium quality espresso machine
3) A talented barista

The good news is that we have two thirds of the requirements covered. For more information, contact us or pass by any one of our boutiques to discover our selection of espresso grinders and machines we have in store.
Whether you’re shopping for machines to use at home or in a professional setting, our machines of all shapes, sizes and functions are designed to meet your needs.

For the third requirement, you can consult our members of staff to ask more about our barista training services. Our programs are designed to prepare your staff by coaching them through all the information they need to know and providing them with enough background to make the perfect cup of coffee that will make your customers keep coming back for more.
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