All the goodness and benefits found in our CORSO System machines plus a built-in adjustable Cappuccino and Latte in a press of a button. It is equipped with a removable milk container that can be stored in the fridge when not in use.

This machine comes with 80 free capsules of your choice. Select your boxes below. You can choose 1 of each, 4 of one aroma, or any other combination that satisfies your coffee craving

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DECAF BOX of 20 Capsules

Though decaffeinated, these capsules are especially prepared to enhance your espresso drinking experience. They each pack a full-bodied taste of intense precision and have been carefully crafted with a blend of the finest Brazilian beans that make for a deliciously smooth treat.

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BRONZE BOX of 20 Capsules

Our bronze capsules reveal a delicious taste made of 100% premium South American Arabica beans. Each serving is deliciously mild, infinitely smooth, creamy and prepared with elegantly balanced and voluptuous notes.

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SILVER BOX of 20 Capsules

Made of a delicately smooth blend of our premium Brazilian and Colombian Arabica beans, our silver capsules are a deliciously balanced and intense revelation highlighted by overwhelmingly delectable notes of roasted beans.

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GOLD BOX of 20 Capsules

An intense combination of India’s finest Arabica and Robusta beans, every gold capsule produces a powerful surge of strong-bodied flavor with an aftermath of delicious velvet and sharp acid notes that resurface every sip.

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